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THE 6 R's

Total Waste Management Solution

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Use fewer materials in the design and manufacturing process and keep up to date with the industry developments. These developments are designed to reduce waste, from pre-build and throughout the entire life of the project.

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A challenge to the management team to identify which components can be reused, refurbished, repaired, or re-implemented as spares, thus reducing waste and increasing revenues from what was previously considered waste.

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Actively encourage the company to discover if and how waste can be turned into new substances or products. We'll help identify the cost benefits and how these methods can be used to help reduce the environmental footprint.

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We consider how raw materials and energy can be recovered from waste. Whether food waste being sent for anaerobic digestion, or waste being incinerated with energy recover to energy-producing gasification and pyrolysis.

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Reclaim material that would normally be considered waste. Strong demand exists for reclaimed materials from handmade bricks to oak panels, pine floors and sanitary ware, producing revenue and cutting waste during the project.

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When every opportunity has been exhausted, waste may still need to be removed from the site. All waste must still be treated responsibly and by identifying suitable destinations, the overall carbon footprint for its removal can be reduced.

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